Throwback Thuesday! (yes I know it’s friday but I missed it, because I went to bed early yesterday)

Reno from Final Fantasy 7 /Advent Children was my third cosplay, made in 2006!

(but those photos are from a shooting in 2011 because I don’t want to torture anyone with horrid old photos duh)

My mom and my aunt made most of the cosplay because I couldn’t fucking sew back then (but I sewd most of the pants under the watching eye of my mother) and a suit is a tricky thing. And my mom wanted me to look good. She was pretty exicted about this whole cosplay thing. She even stitched  the ‘007 Bond’ logo into the suit lining as suprise, because I said something  like ‘yeaaahhh he’s some kind of special agent’ as I explaid the character to her, back then. :’D

But I styled the wig myself! It was the first time I had to style a wig and I still think I made a pretty good job on this (I still own it!).

This suit became on of my favorit pieces of clothing. I wore those pants to countless different cosplays and on a regular daily basis. And the jacket to a lot of occaitions like job interviews.

The shirt.. the shirt had a unlucky meeting with a pair for red panties during laundry and is now faintly pink and will be recycled for my next bookfair cosplay. :’D

Photos by Krone

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