Going silent…

… probably. For a while at least. Or something. Idk actually.

I’m sorry I have to say this, since I got a bunch of new followers last week (Hello everyone, nice that you found me btw!) but I don’t feel really comfortable sharing my work at the moment. Mostly because I’m feeling like I arrived at a dead end with my work, while I see everyone getting better and better with everything they do. Call it and artblock or whatever you want.

But I’m also feed up with people exploiting my work for their own intentions. Ripping photos out of their photosets, reuploading them to facebook sides or blogs or using them as stockphotos.

I will post the stuff I currently work on, after the easter holydays and maybe some conventions snapshot during the Animuc but don’t expect more than that and some cosplay related reblogs for a while.






Ever wonder how Michele Carragher (embroidery designer for game of thrones) got the Dragon scale look on Daenery’s  Dragon scale dresses. here is a how to create your own dragon scale garment.


This dress is probably my single favorite garment from the show… so I’ll just be filing this away for later!

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Michele Carragher’s work is beautiful and definitely worth checking out.

A lot of the non embroidered, textural elements of the costumes are done with techniques that can be found in The Art of Manipulating Fabric, which is such an important sourcebook for anyone interested in sewing and textiles.