merichuel hat gesagt: What is rhe obligatory convention drama? People getting angry? Crying? Love scenes with the sunset as a background of people wearing cosplay?

- sour losers bitching around after the WCS preliminary

- fans of xyz- fandom were embarassing/annoying/disgusting

- someones cosplay was embarassing/disgusting/whatever

- obligatory after-convention-weblog-war in the german comm, this years theme was: some girls didn’t bind their boobs flat for crossplay and some dickhole found this unacceptable and bitched around but got revealed as a  hypocrite since dickhole wasn’t even able to bind their own fatty boobs flat *yawn*

and so one. There is always something for gossip.

Things I realised during the convention weekend last week:

- While I’m a sucker for neatly build props I do not care about giant full plate armors and props made from shitton of worbla. Mostly because I realised that there is barely skill behind building such stuff, just patiens and a shitton of money for worbla, after seeing way to many of them at once.

Edit: also they look all the same, as if Kamuis husband painted them all

- I do not care anymore for the obligatory convention drama. It’s still highly entertaining in parts but well, I have a full time job and hobbies and I value my time way to much to spend it on this shit.

merichuel asked:

So. I was helping my cousing with her Little Sister cosplay (bioshock) and suddenly realized I would love to see you in a Elizabeth (bioshock infinite) cosplay. There is also the Elizabeth from the BI dlc but i like better the original...

Ahahahhaaaa~ oh my you truely have a talent for picking characters I can’t stand! XD

I really, really love the Bioshock series but Infinite was just so annoyingly medicore and I hated Elizabeth with passion.

And one I made her corset as a commssion and this commission was such a rollercoaster that I never want to repeat ist.

BUT! The Lutece twins are on my cosplay list since the last year and maaaaybe~ during the next year….~ I might have time :D

coeurduroi asked:

Hey there. I was the little red riding hood who talked to you on saturday and took some pictures. I thought I made you feel uncomfortable by doing so but I really was just happy to see your awesome Sauron cosplay. Have a nice day ♥


Ahhhh~ I can’t quite recall when and where we meet, since I talked to so many people during the weekend, especialy on saturday but I can assure you that you didn’t make me feel uncomfortable - als long as you didn’t try to glomb me…!? - If I acted weired, then not because of you. Maybe I was so just distracted, because I spotted some of friends in the crowd and tried not to lose side so I could say hi after talking to you or I wanted to sit down and take a break, because my feed hurt or because I was hungry or maybe I was doing something else before or you meet me 5min after I had this insident with the guy I nearley punched in the face.. or whatever.

I really like to talk to people I meet on conventions - well, as long as they behave as decent human beings - so I assure you, you did not annoy me or made me feel uncomfortable. I’m really sorry that you had the impression that you were unwelcome, this was not my intention.